About Us

Since its founding in 1993, Helping Link has been committed to solving the needs of the Vietnamese community in Seattle by providing them with educational programs and resources in language, technology, and citizenship. We believe in supporting our intergenerational families, nurturing our communities, and fostering cultural resilience. Like a bridge that connects multiple points, Helping Link aims to unite and connect the Vietnamese community while also empowering members to celebrate their histories, cultures, and traditions.

Board of Directors

We need qualified and enthusiastic leaders to join our highly regarded Board of Directors. Leaders with excellent skill sets, expertise, connections, and perspectives aligning with Helping Link’s missions are highly valued to our organization. Your dedication to Helping Link will leave lasting impacts to the vulnerable communities we serve.

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Brief Timeline


The seed of Helping Link began to take root. Initial planning stages were discussed and laid out on a living room coffee table. Soon after, Information and Referral Services started at the Rainier Vista Garden Community Center, a Seattle Housing Authority site, linking Vietnamese immigrants and refugees and their families to social services.


Establishing a space

Helping Link officially opened its new office doors on Jackson Street! We offered bilingual computer classes and open lab hours to bridge the generational and technological divide experienced by our clients.


Going National

We completed the first draft for the Bilingual Handbook of Basic Computer Skills. This handbook garnered enough attention to reach over 10,000 Vietnamese across the U.S., while the Seattle Public Library and Washington D.C.’s Library of Congress have preserved copies for circulation.


25-Year Anniversary

Helping Link celebrated 25 years of enabling Vietnamese-Americans to give back to their community.   Past clients have become current volunteers, ready and willing to take leadership roles in the development and progress of our community and contribute to the larger Seattle society!


What we do

Helping Link/Một Dấu Nối offers free support services and community programs to the Vietnamese community living in the Greater Seattle area. From citizenship classes to technology lessons, our services assist our clients in their transition to the U.S by improving their language proficiency and enhancing their chances for employment. Additionally, we also offer opportunities for cultural engagement through Vietnamese language-learning lessons and cultural events. Due to COVID-19, our services are currently being done virtually.

Some of our services include:

    • Citizenship Classes
    • Conversational E.S.L Classes
    • Community Computer Lab
    • iPad Classes
    • Information/Referral services
    • Cultural celebrations
    • Vietnamese as a Second-Language classes*
    • Translation services*

*These services require a small fee

Who we are

Executive Director, Minh-Duc Nguyen, leads Helping Link’s all-volunteer workforce that hails from all over the greater Seattle area. Similarly, our clients come from neighborhoods throughout King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties. From young to old, Vietnamese to non-Vietnamese, our community is made up of everyone sharing their unique life experiences and perspectives with one another, allowing us to collectively build a space that is rich and diverse.


We have an obligation to grow and develop leaders in the Vietnamese community. Strong leaders will enable the Vietnamese community to pass on their values to the next generation.


A vibrant Vietnamese community adds to the diversity of the Greater Seattle area.​


We believe in an open dialogue between student and instructor. We believe in the student’s best interest of the student’s motivation for learning.


We commit to enhancing cultural enrichment, creating opportunities, and advocating the needs of Vietnamese families.


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