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Volunteer Opportunities

Citizenship instructors work with English limited speaking adults, to prepare them for success on their citizenship exams by teaching exam-related topics in US History and government. This role is great for individuals who are passionate about supporting our clients through their citizenship process and would like to gain teaching skills in the classroom.
ESL instructors are responsible for teaching basic English language learning curriculum to our English-learning adult students on a weekly basis. Similar to the citizenship instructor, this role is great for individuals who would like to provide direct support to our clients and gain hands-on experience in the classroom.
iPad/Computer instructors are tech-savvy individuals who are interested in supporting our clients as they learn how to use iPads and/or computers for the first time. By providing our clients with lessons in tech literacy, we can help them connect with the younger generation.
Web designers help us maintain our website as we roll out new content. They work closely with our developers and content writers to come up with user-friendly web experiences. While having a programming background is not necessary, knowledge of web accessibility standards and responsive design is useful for this role.
Graphic designers are responsible for creating the visual content of Helping Link. This is especially important for engaging with our prospective clients, volunteers, and donors. Aside from designing visuals, there’s also the opportunity for graphic designers to work on other media projects such as videography and sound content.
Marketing specialists work on generating copy for Helping Link’s marketing materials. These include our monthly newsletters and social media posts, among other content. Individuals who are able to produce content for diverse audiences are strongly encouraged to apply.
Client recruiters support our community outreach efforts for promoting Helping Link to prospective clients who will benefit from our programs and services. Our volunteers will flex their talents in communication and writing to develop professional networks in the local community.
Volunteers are the heart of Helping Link. The volunteer recruitment specialist will actively recruit and engage professionals, students, and retirees to join Helping Link’s volunteer teams and help us construct meaningful work for the community.
System Administrator volunteers will assist in a wide range of technical support for our hardwares and software infrastructures. We are in need of experienced administrators who can lead our current volunteer IT team. Prefer: Degree in Computer Science, or Microsoft MSCA/MSCE, or relevant experience
We are looking for a highly organized volunteer with a meticulous attention level for program management.The program coordinator will oversee administrative work to support our language and technology programs.

Board of Directors
We need qualified and enthusiastic leaders to join our highly regarded Board of Directors. Leaders with excellent skill sets, expertise, connections, and perspectives aligning with Helping Link’s missions are highly valued to our organization. Your dedication to Helping Link will leave lasting impacts to the vulnerable communities we serve.

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Volunteer Resources

Come join our volunteers here at HL

Steven Scharnhorst

IT Specialist Volunteer

“Beyond the benefits that they receive from working with Helping Link, it’s my hope that our clients see my work as my way of helping them to feel welcome in our community. I want our clients and others to see that there is a great deal of kindness and caring in the world, and to be encouraged by that.”

Megan Mei

UX Designer Volunteer

“The web rebuild project has been a challenging and fun project that gave team members a new perspective on how Helping Link serves the community. The team reports that personal growth from their collaboration has been a wonderful benefit of this project.”

You can make a difference to your community! Volunteer with us today!

Helping Link is a community-driven organization, dedicated to helping Vietnamese refugees and immigrants in the Greater Seattle Area.

We have great ideas, but we need people like you to make it happen. In volunteering with Helping Link, you will have a chance to showcase your talents in a variety of different roles. We have openings for graphic design, marketing, IT support, teaching, and leadership.

Our volunteers are dedicated students, professionals, and retirees generously giving thousands of hours toward Helping Link’s vital work.

We can’t wait to have you join our teams. Apply now!